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Review: AirBnB Stay at Christmas in Jersey City

Months before our trip to the USA I dove into the world of AirBnB, stubbornly sure that I would find, all the things that are important to me, ‘the three C’s’:

  1. Cheap
  2. Character
  3. Close to public transport

I spent a lot of time searching the AirBnB website and when I came across a beautiful 19th century brownstone house in Jersey City I got all the feels. I googled the area to check that it would be safe and as with the rest of NYC it seemed to come down to being smart and to take necessary precautions when walking at night – for us this was to march around like we owned the place, or just to give off an air of confidence that suggested we knew where we were going! Obviously you can’t guarantee that nothing will happen but I believe thats pretty much the same where ever you go. To put it in to perspective, I felt 100% safer in NYC than I did when visiting the city centre of Johannesburg, South Africa. Anyway, I digress! From what I could tell from research, with a bit of common sense, we were going to fine.

Just a few minutes walk from the house are breathtaking views of downtown New York City and although we didn’t need it they can provide parking nearby with similar views.

Image of the New York skyline, seen from Jersey City

Nearby there were a number of convenience stores and the nearest station is Journal Square which has lots of shops and restaurants in the area. I even had my nails done at a local salon which was great! We bought the basics like milk, cereal and bread. We ate lunch in New York City most days and for dinner we either cooked in the apartment or ordered take away through apps like GrubHub and UberEats (which by the way, is amazing as you can track your delivery from shop to home). Our favourite breakfast nearby was The Brownstone Diner.

The house is spilt in to 3 apartments, one of which the owner lives in and the other two are used for AirBnB. Each has a bedroom and a living room (with sofa bed) conjoined by a lovely full kitchen. There is also a private bathroom with shower and bath. One of the first things we noticed were the high 12 foot ceilings and beautiful 19th century finishes, you really feel like you’re experiencing a sense of American history. Spacious and fully equipped with new appliances we couldn’t have asked for more for our Christmas stay. The owners even went to the trouble of decorating the apartment for us so that Pumpkin would get the full USA Christmas experience.

There is a bus stop right outside the house that goes to the path train, from there you can reach NYC in 20 mins. Would absolutely return if we were nearby NYC again. It was just perfect.

Notes: We were not asked to review the property and we payed full price for our accommodation. One thing to consider is accessibility as the house is reached by steps and there is no lift.

Prices are from £54 a night and they currently offer an 18% weekly discount. For more info click here.

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Part Three of this USA series is coming soon with all the fun that we got up to in and around New York City.


4 thoughts on “Review: AirBnB Stay at Christmas in Jersey City

  1. New York is so super expensive that it is always a good idea to find lodging not in the city but nearby and Jersey city is well connected to NYC anyway. Congrats on that smart move!

  2. AirBnB is a serious godsend for travels and homeowners alike! Being outside of the city is kinda nice too you can avoid a lot of the hustle and bustle if you don’t like that kinda thing.

  3. Jersey City is a great base from which to explore NYC. and Manhattan has been really safe for a number of years, more than 20. it’s bad outdated reputation stems from the 80s.

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